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Opera Mini Updated to V 4.1

Posted by SG on Sunday, May 18, 2008

Opera has formally updated Opera Mini, the proxy-based web browser, to version 4.1. With a speed increase compared to v4.0, and the addition of URL completion and the saving of web pages, the little browser that lets the server at the end of the connection do all the heavy lifting continues to improve in leaps and bounds. While the built in browsers on S60 handsets have significantly improved over the years, Opera Mini, while targetted at lower-powered phones, still packs a feature set that makes it a contender.

Opera Mini 4.1 lets you have the full Web everywhere. This newest release includes several new features, including automatic completion of web addresses, making it easier to get to the sites you need; tools for attaching files to web-based email; uploading photos to your blog or other site; downloading attachments from email for storage on your phone; and saving and viewing pages offline.

The new Opera Mini takes your mobile browsing experience to a new level of interactivity with both the phone and the Web. Opera Mini 4.1 improves the way Opera Mini interacts with your phone to make browsing more convenient, more productive and definitely more fun.

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