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RIM announces sharing of data to Indian Government

Posted by SG on Friday, May 23, 2008

If you own a Blackberry Device and stay in India there’s good news for you. RIM, not wanting to get kicked out of the potentially lucrative Indian wireless market, has apparently had its hand forced by the Indian government. Following on government officials’ threats to ban RIM from the country if a workable network-monitoring deal wasn’t worked out in a timely fashion, RIM has announced that they have come to terms with the Indian government.

It took a little longer than India’s 15-day ultimatum, but India and RIM have agreed that RIM would be allowed to provide BlackBerry service in India with the provision that India can keep tabs on all BlackBerry network-data. But, it seems that privacy and data security aren’t as important to RIM as is their PR stance. RIM’s only demand from India is that the country take full blame should any data/information get leaked out.

Well if you are concerned about your data and privacy being leaked then look at the bright side, at least you get to use the Blackberry.


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